Hello there!

My name is Bianca Smith and here's a bit of my story:

I'm a South African girl who has a passion for sunshine, books, good food and all things handmade and homegrown.  I am married to Mr Smith and together we live in a little cottage in Durban, South Africa.

Life at the bottom of Africa

Growing up on the tip of the continent, I get to see the world from a different perspective. Sometimes it feels like my mind is always looking up when I read the news about places further north. But my favorite thing is to look around me at the beauty, challenges and delights that my birthplace has to offer. From the bananas and curries of Durban, to the fragrant fynbos and wines of Cape Town, South Africa never fails to inspire me with its richness, diversity and potential. 

Stitching Stories

The unique location and culture of this country are powerful catalysts for creativity, originality and countless incredible, inspiring, tragic, humorous and human stories – which I would love to share with you. This blog is about looking up and looking around. It is about exploring the vibrancy of creativity and productivity that I find in people around the world, and here at home. 

Thanks for joining me on my journey.

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