Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Local is Lovely: Ode to the Milk Tart

This week's Local is Lovely feature I am taking a look at one of my true loves – the milk tart.

image by world baking day

This traditional desert is a creamy mixture of cornflour, cinnamon, vanilla and milk and has been a favorite treat of mine for years. Sadly I have not yet succeeded in baking my own perfect milk tart. My last attempt ended up with a texture so rubbery it bounced when I dropped it! So if you have any good recipes please send them my way and I'll let you know which one turns out best!

Despite my milk tart failure, I have mastered a delicious adaptation, milk tart cupcakes. I'll be posting a recipe with step-by-step pictures in the near future.

And here are some more twists on the classic:

Milk tart shooters by Ideas Magazine

Milk tart cake by Simply Delicious

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